When there is little room to insulate, Deck-VQ® panels deliver an outstanding thermal performance

Deck-VQ® is Recticel’s pioneering response to customer demand for super-slim, ultra-high thermal performance insulation that maximises comfort and protection in limited space.

Suitable for a wide range of flat-roof and terrace applications where insulation build-up thickness is an issue, Deck-VQ® ensures the most complex refurbishment projects can be completed without costly, time-consuming structural changes.

Designed by Recticel’s renowned Research and Development team, Deck-VQ® is a model of design ingenuity. It expertly harnesses the superior insulating properties of a vacuum insulation panel (VIP) and fully encapsulates it within a PIR protective shell. This innovation ensures it achieves a best-in-market lambda value of the core of 0.006 W/mK. The panel is available in four sizes: 1200x600mm, 1200x300mm; 600x600mm; 600x300mm, with two thicknesses of 45mm and 60mm.

Slender, yet strong; adaptable, yet durable…when there is little space to insulate, find room for Deck VQ – the VIP panel which succeeds where traditional insulation products fail.

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