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Glass; so much more than just a window

By Chris Davis, composites manager at H B Fuller:Kommerling and Vice Chairman of the GGF Laminators and Tougheners committee Look at any international city’s newest buildings and they will undoubtedly... View Article
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Quadro DD wooden loft ladder

The Quadro DD loft ladder is the solution when ‘standard’ is simply not good enough. This innovative wooden loft ladder features an insulated hatch box with a 4-point locking mechanism... View Article

Earthborn – doing things differently

Earthborn is delighted to introduce The Earth Collection, a palette of five harmonious new paint shades inspired by the natural world. The colours are themed around the earth, land, sand,... View Article

Autumn fireplace ideas

by Niall Deiraniya, general manager, DRU Fires UK The Coronavirus pandemic has seen many people confined to their homes over the spring and summer. One positive outcome is that spending... View Article

University upgrade includes Kinedo showers

The iconic St David’s Building on the University of Wales Lampeter site is Wales’ oldest University building. Built between 1822 and 1857 the Grade II listed building has witnessed great... View Article
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