Cutting details down to psi

Jonathan Ducker from Kingspan Insulation GB explores how the industry has developed a range of details to assist specifiers pursuing higher thermal performance  As part of the recent updates to the energy efficiency requirements in the Building Regulations and Standards... View Article

Cladding colour trends

Looking at colour choices for the facades of a residential property or development, Lisa Grosse from Cedral looks at current trends which clients are buying into  The science of how different colours in our surroundings make an impact on how... View Article

The shape of water efficiency

Tom Reynolds from the Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA) highlights the increasing urgency for a focus on water efficiency in new builds and retrofits Water is rarely out of the headlines these days. Whether it’s about water companies and the issues... View Article

Thinking outside the box

Danesch Missaghian from Rundum Meir UK explains why bespoke garage doors enable specifiers to take a different, more creative approach to the design of the garage and building as a whole With residential garages being a common sight in many... View Article

The golden path to safety

LISTEN HERE Dean Asher from Polypipe Building Products offers some pointers for industry on how best to ensure it is complying with the Building Safety Act’s requirements, particularly the golden thread’s new responsibilities for design, build and maintenance Many in... View Article

Modular methods of construction

LISTEN HERE Is modular construction the missing jigsaw piece needed to solve the UK’s housing crisis? HKR Architects’ Ayna Azhigali says it is, and that aesthetics need not be an issue We are all acutely aware of the housing crisis... View Article

Finding a new groove

LISTEN HERE As a prominent adaptive reuse scheme on the Grand Union Canal in West London, The Gramophone Works sees Studio RHE employing modern timber technology to create a healthy work environment which also sustains the former record label HQ’s... View Article

Terms of engagement with the circular economy

With project teams increasingly pursuing circular economy goals, the more stringent specifiers are looking for clarity on the types of recycled aluminium available. Gareth Evans from Technal UK explains the subtle but important differences in terminology How do you know... View Article

The medium rise of zinc

Jonathan Lowy from VMZinc explains how zinc, in the context of its long heritage as a familiar material on Parisian roofs, is slowly becoming in vogue in the UK for specifiers on mid-rise urban residential projects Zinc has a long... View Article

Maximising resources

How are you adapting to the ever-changing metals market? Simon Walker from SIG Zinc and Copper looks at how, as availability causes shifts in specification, architects need to adapt not only their understanding but also their designs As we move... View Article

Protect the future with aluminium facades

Simran Thiara from Sotech highlights the opportunities and reasons for building a ‘greener future’ with aluminium rainscreen cladding, as part of an environmentally-conscious approach to futureproofing buildings Sustainability is no longer a mere buzzword; it’s a global imperative towards carbon... View Article

Rewarding sustainability at the Brick Awards 2023

This year’s Brick Awards continues the organisers’ key focus on sustainability, with the Sustainability Award again featuring, following its introduction in 2022. The awards, which are organised by the Brick Development Association will be held at a ceremony at the... View Article

Casting cast stone in a new light

Devanshu Mudgal at Haddonstone explains why the durability of cast stone enables it to play an environmentally-responsible role in a wide range of construction projects For anyone who has stood and marvelled at the beautifully preserved floors within the 4th... View Article

Led by heritage lead

Victoria Ramwell from Kemper System explains the key considerations and advantages of specifying cold-applied liquid waterproofing for historical buildings M any older properties feature different roof shapes with flat roofs – typically seen on extensions, or over porches and dormers. Although... View Article

An air of concern

In the drive towards airtight buildings, to conserve energy and protect the planet, Roy Jones from Gilberts Blackpool warns that the industry is failing to allow users – and the building – their ‘right’ to breathe healthy air  Say ‘indoor... View Article

Going beyond fire compliance

Siderise’s Chris Hall asks whether an approach of merely complying with regulations in specifying passive firestopping in curtain wall systems is good enough, or if specifiers should be looking to other standards Curtain wall systems are typically constructed with a... View Article

How green is your aluminium?

Phil Slinger from the Council for Aluminium in Building provides expert insights on the current green credentials provided by aluminium production, and how EPDs and collaboration are supporting its specification Aluminium has enjoyed an extensive recycling lifespan since its commercialisation... View Article

Durability is the key to sustainable building envelopes

Clare Fenton of the Metal Cladding & Roofing Manufacturers Association (MCRMA) explains why durability must be a priority when specifying metal roofing and cladding panels and systems to deliver sustainable buildings As the physical separator between the interior and the... View Article