Wall protection is no longer just 50 shades of grey

Sally Moores, marketing manager at Yeoman Shield, explains how the practical necessity of a wall protection system can go hand in hand with the aesthetics of interior design

Installing a wall protection system, be it protection panels, corner angles, rails or protection strips, does not have to mean a compromise on design style or creativity. The impression that adding the elements of protection to walls on a project can give a utilitarian, dull and sterile feel to an interior is no longer true. Wall protection is moving with the design times, reflecting modern colour schemes and the designs favoured when considering interior décor for new building schemes and refurbishments.

Not to be overlooked

It’s easy to dismiss wall protection as an unattractive addition which puts people in mind of long characterless corridors, boring waiting and reception areas or dull meeting rooms. However time and money invested in putting together an interior which is usable, safe and pleasing to the eye can soon be wasted as all too soon, in a busy environment, unsightly damage and marking can occur to newly decorated walls. Wall protection will serve to protect the new interiors from this inevitable damage avoiding the risk of a fresh vibrant interior looking worn and tired.

A full spectrum of choice

Wall protection no longer wanders the corridors of Grey but is now available in a whole spectrum of colours ranging from pastel shades to primary colours with metallic colour options being more recently available. A wide pallet of colours to choose from allows wall protection to dovetail into design schemes – whether matching colours to emphasise a corporate tone or image or contrasting colours making a bold design statement. Wall panels in particular can be supplied in different textures. Some smooth others textured giving a wallpaper effect but offering a longer life span. Protection rails and wall bumpers are available in a selection of shapes adding dimension, interest and depth to an interior design.

Say it with wall protection

Wall protection (panels and certain rails), also has the capability of incorporating logos, lettering, shapes and images allowing wall protection to be a focal as well as a practical part of the interior design plan. Company and school logos can be displayed across walls as an integral part of the wall protection panel along with mottos, informative and inspirational slogans and strap lines giving a feel of identity and belonging to those people using the building. Directional information such as arrows and wording can be inserted into rails and panels which can be easily seen by people using the building. Images can be included into wall and door protection panels to indicate use of rooms and areas overcoming language barriers and has also been proven to help people with dementia navigate their way round establishments as they recognise images more easily than words.

Inspirational interiors

An inspirational design can sometimes call for something that little bit different! Wall protection panels can be cut and shaped to give more fluid lines or sharp clean angles. Waved tops, asymmetric angles, circles and ovals are some of the designs possible. Pictures can be inlaid into panels, maybe forming a story board, to enforce themed interiors whereas contrasting coloured inserts can be included in rails and protection strips along with smaller images adding a design element. For example a coffee shop may need a protection strip to protect a wall from marking and damage caused by chairs pushing back into it. The protection strip would not only do its job but by adding a coffee cup image or a logo it would then become a part of the interior decor.

Be smart

The above is just a brief overview on how wall protection systems can truly be incorporated into a design scheme – adding rather than subtracting from the overall style. It has been well documented that the look and condition of the inside of a building can have an effect on the people using it. If the interior of a building is pristine and smart then users are more likely to treat that building with respect leading to less damage being caused. And here lies the true benefit for incorporating wall protection into a scheme – to keep those great designs looking great. Wall protection will stop serious damage happening to the fabric of a building keeping the smart, attractive interior which was originally intended whilst also conveying a well maintained building. It is also of financial benefit to install a wall protection system as it helps in reducing costs for repair and redecoration through the lifetime of a building assuring sustainability and affordability. So considering wall protection for your next project, be it a school, hospital, office block or retail building, it could be a smart move appreciated not only by those who use the building but by those who maintain it.