The most important things sellers miss when they prepare their house for sale

So, you are planning to sell your home? Probably you are shifting to a new house with lots of excitement in mind. But at the same time, some of your emotions might be flowing down with the old home where you spent some beautiful years of your life.

Well, it takes lots of effort to prepare your home for sale. It is not just about improving its physical appearance, but to be mentally ready to close the deal with some stranger. If this is your first time to sell a house, chances are that you may make several mistakes in this process. Therefore, here we have listed some of the most important things that sellers should not miss while preparing their house for sale.

Focus on the entrance point of your house

The first most thing buyers observe while taking a walk to your home is the entryway. This space is enough to make or break the impression. The home sellers need to ensure that the entrance point of your house spreads positive vibes and to do this, it is important to maintain the front door area in pristine condition.

Spare some time to clean the mailbox using lukewarm water, damp cloth, and soap. The old and dirty welcome mat must be replaced with the new one. It is also important to add a fresh coat of paint to the front door to create a charming appeal. Other than this, do not forget to dust the light sconces and dust cobwebs.

Pressure wash unsightly mould and dirt

Depending upon where you live, the rood may face lots of wear and tear due to weather elements. Many times, the rainy or stormy climates may stick lots of dirt, dust, and mould on the roof. The functional damage that gets highlighted during home inspections may hold up the sale so long.

We understand that installing a new roof is an expensive affair. It may cost somewhere around $7000. But you can hire professionals to pressure wash the roof to get rid of all the mould and dirt fast. It is possible to find experienced roof cleaners in the area and they can help you get back a nice and clean look for your roof at an affordable price.

Check the condition of walkways and driveways

Jagged and uneven driveways can pose a safety risk and it may turn off potential buyers as well. If the buyers are looking for a kid-friendly and pet-friendly house, they will definitely notice such issues and hazards before closing the deal. In this scenario, it is better to spare some time to maintain your sidewalk and driveways to enhance the overall appeal of your home.

The overall cost of the sidewalk repair usually depends upon the size of the project. Moreover, the type of material you choose and the contractor also play important role in deciding the overall cost of the repair project.

Open all the blinds and curtains

A house that receives natural light appears happier, cleaner, and bigger as compared to the one that is closed and dark. Therefore, top real estate agents at advise opening all the curtains and blinds when you open up your home for showings and staging.

Spare some time to treat the dingy and broken windows that may block natural light from outside. Replace the old curtains with some inexpensive modern age blinds. It may help you capture buyer’s attention with ease.

Get rid of foul odours

When you are ready to sell your home, it is not just about making some repairs. Rather, at the same time, you should work upon the smell of the premise. It is better to add some fragrance rich candles in the area to enhance the appeal. Make sure your house smells fresh with some natural senses.

It is good to remove shoes, pets, and gym bags from the area that may cause poor odour around. Spray some lemon-scented room fresheners to create a fresh appeal. Also, prefer to open your house a day before showing to neutralise the smell.

Once you follow these simple tips and tricks to sell your home, it is easier to close the deal at a profitable price.