The benefits of single source rainscreen facade manufacturing

Single source rainscreen facade manufacturing offers a multitude of potential and demonstrable benefits, helping to realise architectural designs and playing a pivotal role in the delivery of diverse yet complementary facades.

A project that exemplifies the success of single source rainscreen manufacture is Elwick Place, a striking leisure and restaurant development located right in the heart of Ashford Town Centre.

Bailey developed, tested, and manufactured a custom rainscreen cladding design for a new-build hotel and cinema, successfully collaborating with Guy Hollaway Architects and subcontractor Prater.

The single-source approach added considerable overall value to the project and was instrumental in delivering superb results. The facades consisted of a range of cassette panels in bronze and black, expanded mesh cladding and perforated panels, all in various shapes and sizes, with integrated curves and bespoke roof and wall interfacing.

Project Architect Mike Pearson said of Bailey,

“I knew I could pick up the phone and speak to the team at Bailey, and that any issues would be resolved. The people of Ashford love Elwick Place, it’s received an amazing response”.

Proven rainscreen systems from Bailey are tested to CWCT, BS8414, BR135 and EN13501-1, manufactured to ISO9001 and ISO14001, and Bailey partners with the NBS Chorus specification authoring service. The result? Peace of mind and confidence in cladding.

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