Safe Secure Protector

In mental rehabilitation settings – prisons or specialist mental healthcare – showers should meet standards of decency and assist in the delivery of care; providing safe and comfortable warm water for hygiene and wellbeing, whilst discouraging patients from intentional harm, either to themselves or their environment.

Horne pre-plumbed shower panels provide enhanced safety for service users.  The painted aluminium extrusion is highly robust, durable and tolerant of intentional abuse or accidental damage.  A range of models, specifically designed for secure applications, feature controls and shower head designs that minimise ligature risk.  The integral Type 3 (healthcare approved) thermostatic shower valve ensures reliable and consistent, safe and comfortable water temperatures, irrespective of water system demands elsewhere.

Users experience a safe, comfortable and calming shower; reducing the inclination for frustrated interference and vandalism.

Fabricated off-site, fully pressure and performance tested, the installation is extremely quick and simple: hang, fix, connect and commission.  Easy maintenance (security tool access only) and low-cost spare parts also assist a long and cost-effective operational life.

Protect the user, protect the fitting, protect the budget.