Panasonic’s Aquarea heat pumps awarded Keymark certification

Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions is pleased to announce that several units from the Aquarea range have been granted a Keymark certification, recognising the high standard of the heat pumps.

The Keymark is an independent, voluntary certification mark supporting the quality of heat pumps in the European market. It is based on impartial, third-party testing and demonstrates compliance with product requirements as set in the Keymark scheme rules and with efficiency requirements as set by Ecodesign. The certification is recognised by organisations including the MCS, EHPA and NFPAC.

Initially, Aquarea J Generation R32 Monobloc, Bi-bloc and All-in-One have received Keymark certification along with the Aquarea T-CAP H generation (R410a) Monobloc single phase.  The Aquarea J Generation Range uses R32 refrigerant, which boasts a low global warming potential, helping to lower the carbon footprint of a building.

The Keymark-certified Aquarea J Generation heat pump is suitable for low consumption, residential applications and features improved heating efficiencies, with a COP of 5.33 on the WH-UD03JE5 model and the Aquarea All-in-One has a domestic hot water COP of up to 3.3.  Models are rated A+++ in low temperature operation, which is the highest energy class according to the new Energy Labelling Directive.

The Aquarea T-CAP range is ideal to ensure that the heating capacity is maintained even at very low temperatures. This line-up can maintain the Heat Pump output capacity until -20°C outdoor temperature, without the help of an electrical booster heater and can work even at extreme outdoor temperatures of -28°C. It can supply hot water at 60°C with only a heat pump and up to 75°C with a heater. The T‑CAP is a good choice for both new and refurbishment systems.