Levelling Floor Solutions

Acoustic cradle systems provide accurate and safe levelling to eliminate any unevenness in the structural floor. We have seen an increase in these systems being implemented as they can offer a perfect floor solution to receive the growing trend toward extensive floor finishes and over a range of floor depths whilst maintaining outstanding acoustic performance.

Raised structural floors are the ideal solution to level an uneven pre-cast concrete, cast in-situ concrete or timber floor with enough clearance to add additional flooring applications such as underfloor heating systems with added benefit from rapid heat transfer capabilities improving thermal performance. Utilising high impact plastic packers and elevation blocks offer flexibility in height adjustments offering quick and easy installations to reach desired floor heights – Regularised softwood battens are then used to support the floor decking.

Our latest RIBA approved CPD Levelling Floor Solutions will discuss how levelling floor solutions can benefit the designer, engineer and client. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:

  • Why uneven floors occur in construction
  • Why uneven floors are a problem
  • What solutions are available
  • UK regulations
  • The health and safety benefits of these types of floors

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