Introducing Sika’s complete green roofing system

Everything you need on top of a roof!

Sika has launched a complete green roofing system to deliver the ultimate sustainable roofing solution.

Comprising several layers, the system can help manage storm water, improve a building’s thermal performance and enhance biodiversity in nature.

Why go green?
The global Green Buildings Market is forecast to achieve a 14.3 per cent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) by 2027*.

Growing increasingly popular, both physically and metaphorically, green buildings aim to deliver eco-friendly infrastructure that counterbalances the environmental effects of commercial and residential construction.

Alongside an industry-wide drive to build more sustainability in to future developments, a number of supporting government policies have helped facilitate the requirement for the specification of more green roofs.

What’s included in Sika’s green roof solution?
Building on a strong reputation in roofing, Sika now offers three of the most common green roof build ups:

  • Intensive – thick coverage for when deep growth is required
  • Extensive – lightweight & easy to maintain
  • Biodiverse – most environmentally beneficial

As each of Sika’s roofing technologies are compatible with each green roof system, Sika can provide a holistic solution incorporating all necessary elements; waterproofing and green components alike.

Providing peace of mind and a single point of contact for any design, specification, post-installation and aftercare needs.

Richard Aldred, UK Roofing Market Manager, said:

“As a market leader in roofing solutions, the development of a complete green roofing system was the next natural step for us. Simple, yet so very effective, green roofs have grown to be a key element of sustainable design.”

“Sustainability is one of Sika’s key strategic pillars and we’ve worked very hard to develop this complete solution to help our customers achieve their own eco-ambitions.”

To find out more about Sika’s green roof offering, visit or email enquiries(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

* Current Market Research Future (MRFR) report