Illuminate space effectively with Häfele’s Free Lighting Design Service

Lighting affects every element of our lives. Functionally, it impacts everything from how well we sleep at night, to how productive we are at work. Emotionally, it has the power to evoke different reactions from us – calmness, motivation, inspiration, happiness.

With demand for some lighting products increasing by 20 per cent in the last 12 months, it is one of the most valuable tools architects have at their disposal. But the practical elements of lighting must always be a key consideration; what type of lighting products should be used, where should they be placed, and how can technology be integrated to offer the user a truly personalised lighting experience?

Although lighting alone serves to illuminate, layering different lighting products and integrating it as part of a wider design scheme can improve the balance of room dimensions, provide the user with greater spatial awareness and highlight a room’s most important or interesting assets. It becomes critical to how a space operates, as well as how it looks and feels.

Häfele’s Project 360 team of specification experts work closely with architects to bring their lighting ambitions to life with a variety of products and expert services – including its Lighting Design Service.

Architects can submit room or floor plans to the Projects 360 team who will develop creative and technical lighting schemes on their behalf, providing a bespoke layout, product list and priced quote – all free of charge. The Projects 360 team works in partnership with architects to understand the requirements of a space, creating a design which strikes a perfect balance between furniture lighting and other lighting elements. This ensures all parts of the design and brief complement one another, while putting the best lighting products on the market at the centre of a space’s aesthetic.

Loox LED lighting, for example, has been designed by experts who know how furniture looks, works and fits together – and how it can be elevated using the right lighting scheme. Plus, Loox 5 – the latest launch from the range – offers improved lighting output, lifespan and controllability, making it suitable for many more applications than previously possible. Today, Häfele’s lighting range also includes the Nimbus collection, a range of high-end interior lighting for commercial settings such as offices and hotels.

Häfele’s Projects 360 team supports architects at every stage of a project, arming them with a valuable tool to ensure their client is delivered a functional, effective space, with a great-looking, holistic lighting solution in place.

For more information on Lighting including the latest Loox5 products as well as the Lighting Design Service please call the Häfele Projects 360 team. Alternatively, Click Here to get started today.

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