Encasement’s high performance column casings

The Porsche Centre in West London is using 22 ‘Forma’ decorative aluminium column casings from Encasement to conceal structural steelwork while adding to the showroom’s stylish and high quality interior design.

Located in Chiswick on the Great West Road, the Porsche Centre’s two-storey showroom not only provides display areas for the Porsche model range, but also a customer reception foyer together with a number of separate sales and administration offices on both levels.

Manufactured from 3mm thick aluminium, the circular Forma column casings are coated with a protective RAL 9007 metallic light grey PPC finish to integrate with the interior design scheme and Porsche’s brand guidelines.

While 20 of the casings are 450mm diameter and range in height from 2,396mm up 3,300mm depending on their location within the showroom and sales areas, the remaining two casings are 400mm diameter and stand 6,696 mm high, which spans the building’s full floor to ceiling height.

To reach the extended height, the casings are stacked using 3,000mm standard lengths and seamlessly joined, while also being cut, trimmed and fitted around existing structural beams to provide a high quality precision finish to the interior.