Dialock: The advanced locking system

Businesses that invest in contactless technologies like Dialock will be able to offer, not only a reduction in physical touchpoints, but technologically advanced initiatives such as remote room-booking, check-in, check-out, and payment transactions. This greatly reduces the need for physical interaction with staff, increasing efficiency within the office.

The Dialock system is ideal for commercial installations and is used extensively in hotels, retail outlets including jewellery stores, leisure facilities and hospitals.

Designed and manufactured by Häfele, it is the perfect solution for room access, furniture access and locker access – whatever the installation. Furthermore, it is easy to integrate with existing or new room management systems, and there is no requirement for expensive key and cylinder changes if keys are lost.

Häfele also offer installation service along with Dialock Assist support packages – three bespoke levels of aftercare services including technical support, remote PC monitoring, and annual visits. Dialock Assist is developed to offer you peace of mind for your new Dialock electronic locking system.

For more information on Dialock for your project contact the Häfele Projects 360 team.