Bridging the Thermal Gap. Are You Ready for Net Zero by 2035? Free Keystone Lintels CPD

The UK and Ireland’s largest steel lintel manufacturer, Keystone Lintels, will be hosting a series of free live CPD webinars during May, aimed at helping to educate architects, housebuilders and SAP Assessors on the issues around heat loss from buildings.

Entitled “Addressing Thermal Bridging in Steel Lintels” the webinars will provide an overview on the certification of structural products and examine heat loss and thermal bridging in lintels. They will offer in depth insight into the fabric first approach and how lintel specification can affect SAP ratings and help meet Part L regulations.

With government targets to bring all UK greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2035 and changes to Part L in conjunction with the introduction of the Future Homes Standard, there is an urgent requirement to ensure we are designing and building homes that are energy efficient. The Future Homes Standard, a set of standards that will complement the Building Regulations to ensure new homes are subject to higher energy standards, will come into effect in England in 2025. To ensure that new homes are energy efficient for the future and to help meet the 2035 targets, they will include a series of amendments to Part F (ventilation) and Part L (conservation of fuel and power) of the Building Regulations for new homes.

With the change in mind, achieving energy efficiency through a fabic first approach has never been so important. With traditional steel lintels accounting for heat loss from a building, understanding how this can be overcome is critical. The webinar, which will address this, also covers the following:

  • Certification and testing of structural products
  • Heat Loss in Building
  • What is Thermal Bridging?
  • A Fabric First Approach
  • Heat Loss in Steel Lintels
  • Solutions to minimise Thermal Bridging in lintels
  • Case studies

The free to attend presentation, will last approximately 40 minutes and will conclude with a Q & A session, giving attendees the opportunity to talk about the CPD content in further detail.

To register and book your place for this live CPD event, click here