Alanod Takes Exterior Decorative Surface Panels to Next Level

To celebrate the architect’s love affair between light, shade and facades, Alanod has prepared a new white paper on Exterior Decorative Surface Panels. Decorative metal surfaces for facades have come a long way over the past Century and thanks to Alanod – a leading anodised aluminium specialist – there is now a surface to suit any exterior application.

As well as giving some background on the history of metal façades, the white paper details the key things architects need to look for when choosing a specialist metal surface producer. It also demonstrates the wide range of effects that can be achieved when using different anodised aluminium metal surface finishes.

Stuart Tranter, general manager of Alanod Ltd, says:

“Ever since the end of the Second World War, when metal and glass curtain wall systems were fastened to structural skeletons on commercial and institutional buildings, architects have been looking to manipulate the exterior surface of buildings using light and reflection. This white paper not only gives an overview of the amazing visual effects that can be achieved, but it also signposts architects as to what to look for when specifying specialist metal façades.”

To download the free white paper, visit –