5 reasons why you should choose a house with a wonderful garden for a staycation

With the ongoing global pandemic out there, opting for a staycation not far from your local area seems safer and more convenient than setting off for a vacation abroad. When looking for a home to spend your holiday in – no matter, with your whole family, a bunch of friends, or your partner only – make sure you pick the best option possible.

Prices will vary depending on the number of rooms, technical devices available for general use, and some unique additions. One such extra you should consider seriously is a garden, as it has much more than just a visually pleasing value.

Below, you will find several reasons for spending your vacation surrounded by plants, trees, and other foliage.

Outdoor Cooking
Taking your meals to the garden has several benefits simultaneously. First of all, it reduces the built-up heat from the stove and oven in the in-house kitchen, which can be dramatic in hot months. Secondly, it provides you with another opportunity to spend more time outdoors with your family and treat yourself to fine weather while still being in limited space.

Pick some seasonal veggies and get some beef culotte steaks to throw on a gas grill with rotisserie, some grilled halloumi or camembert to enrich your cheese board, Greek salad and a perfect bottle of wine, and you will feel like in one of these dinner scenes from Call Me By Your Name.

Edenic Reading Spot
Staycations are made for passive vacationers for catching up on reading, and you can hardly think of something more appealing than spending several lazy hours in a shady garden where nobody disrupts you from turning the pages at your own pace.

When choosing a house for a staycation, check if the garden has any private spots that will ensure your time alone with yourself, books, and – if you are not that keen on reading – plants.

A couple of blankets in the shade, a bottle of freshly made lemonade, and an intriguing novel to read by the colourful foliage will make time stop and move you to other worlds. Perhaps, not the worst alternative to travelling during the pandemic.

Snoozing In a Hammock
That pretty much describes itself, and you probably already have a clear picture of yourself, swinging in a hammock, shimmering in the sun, wrapped in a fresh summer breeze. Moreover, sleeping outside has several positive, even rejuvenated effects, which include:

  • enhancing your mood,
  • relieving stress,
  • resetting your circadian rhythm (in case you decide to stay in your hammock for the night),
  • improving your cognitive functions and overall productivity (thanks to the fresh air),
  • releasing any built-up CO2 from your body.

Not bad for a piece of fabric that keeps you up in the air! When opting for a staycation house, find out if they have a hammock in their garden already or ask if you can hang one yourself – you can find inexpensive ones in sports or travel equipment shops.

Evenings at the Fire Pit
Often gardens have fire pits at your disposal, and luckily many of them are for practical use, not just a part of a design. It might be the best replacement for a campfire this season and will add a spark to your holiday evenings!

Remember always to follow precautions and do not leave the fire unattended. Thus, you will make the evenings by the fireside as safe as possible and will be able to enjoy roasted marshmallows, brewed coffee, and heartwarming time spent together with your loved ones.

Making the Most Out of Garden Features
If you decide to spend your vacation in a house with a beautiful garden that could cost more than other staycation options, you want to get as much from it as possible. So, do not limit yourself only to a couple of options; instead, use everything you offer. Such things vary from one garden to another, as any home has its design project, and when choosing a house with a garden, pay attention to what else hides in it.

For example, if there is a pool, make sure to include swimming in your vacation routine; if it has a koi pond – allocate some time for a daily meditation near it. If there are outdoor furniture pieces like comfortable slanted-back seats, use them for sunbathing or just spending lazy days in the sun.

Gardens have a lot to offer you in terms of improving your staycation. Their availability not only allows you to expand the limited space you will be staying in but will also have a positive impact on your overall well-being. One of the most significant benefits is spending most of your time outdoors, but comfortably.

When you choose a house with a garden, make sure to use its full potential – from cooking, swimming, and sleeping to reading, breathing, and just being lazy outside. After all, you are on holiday!