Flat Roofs: Managing fire risk in the fifth facade

When a fire is able to take hold within the roof, combustible insulation materials can contribute significantly to the fire load and provide a path for fire spread between internal areas of the building. While a ban on combustible insulation... View Article

Can pumps help out with flood resilience?

Recent storms have again blighted parts of the UK causing havoc to homes and businesses in areas that have become susceptible to flooding. Many properties have only just been repaired and refurbished after the storms of 2019. Government measures including... View Article

Space Works – A Podcast Series

Over the last two years, the built environment has seen the most significant systematic shift in how we design, interact with and utilise workspaces. It is without a doubt a fascinating time for design, manufacturing, procurement, and construction. The rapidly... View Article

How is SterlingOSB Zero made?

SterlingOSB Zero is one of the most popular panel products used by the UK construction industry; developers, builders, and self-builders alike.  It’s the go-to panel for a multitude of roles today – from the basic functional to the trendy aesthetic... View Article

MAPEI CPD Seminars are available online and in person

As a leading manufacturer of solutions for sustainable construction MAPEI provide CPD Seminars across a wide range of topics to assist with specifications from groundwork to roofing across all sectors. Mapei UK offers RIBA CPD Network Providers and Construction CPD Certification accredited CPD’s to... View Article

New Rituals in the kitchen with Keller

The popularity of the industrial-style kitchen continues apace and Keller has, once again, come up trumps with the newest addition to the collection, Dark Rituals. The overall scheme incorporates, and combines, weathered materials, black, metal and stone. The door fronts used in... View Article

The Supreme loft ladder

The ‘Supreme’ from Premier Loft Ladders sets the standard for loft ladders, combining heavy-duty performance with light-weight operation. It features a high-strength retractable ladder, suitable for ceilings as high as 4.6m. Furthermore, it offers superb thermal insulation and an airtight... View Article

Frontier Pitts LPS1175 Security Gate range

The LPS1175 Platinum Security Gate range has been developed after Frontier Pitts identified the ever-changing security threats and the requirements for an Intruder Resistant security. All Secured by Design accredited Many clients had been installing unrated Security Gates that had... View Article

Great materials for big ideas

UNILIN Panels has launched its 2022-2026 decorative range, giving architects, designers and interior fabricators a choice of more than 200 decorative finishes available across a range of high-quality panels. With 222 designs, including 67 brand-new looks, the UNILIN Panels 2022-2026... View Article

A clear set of challenges

The glazing industry, like many others, faced unprecedented issues with availability of materials and extending lead times during 2021. David Clarke of ID Systems explains why these challenges are likely to continue for the foreseeable future The Covid-19 pandemic saw... View Article

Internal glazing, safely

Cath McLean of Promat UK gives a technical breakdown on why the latest generation of fire resistant glazing allows internal glass elements to be designed to deliver multiple performance benefits – without compromising safety Creating safe buildings is an absolute... View Article

Keep an eye on the sky

With climate change at the forefront of everyone’s mind, Natalie Goodridge of Lamilux UK looks at how buildings and their components – such as skylights – need to be futureproofed and designed to withstand extreme weather events Residential, industrial and... View Article