Sitting comfortably in the Hart of the community

GT+3 Architects is set to complete an ambitious project for a contemporary leisure centre which has to provide distinctive architecture as a community hub but also blend with its parkland surrounding. Steve Menary explores further. In the current political environment,... View Article

Using oak, with confidence

Oak-framed buildings are enjoying a renewed popularity due to the material’s strength characteristics. Ed Hamilton of Oakmasters explores why green oak has a place in modern construction and addresses structural questions. Centuries-old barns, houses and churches all prove that oak can... View Article

Future watch – Norman Hayden looks at Building Biology

Norman Hayden looks at how Building Biology, an established design methodology for creating healthier environments, is seeing a comeback as architects look to increase user wellbeing. Creating green buildings, but also being able to accurately assess their environmental properties, is... View Article

Different strokes for different folks

Swimming pool designs can successfully combine safety with creativity, but also need to be closely aligned to the particular requirements of users. Specialist pool industry association SPATA provides some design advice. The design of a swimming pool, whether indoors or outdoors,... View Article

Turn down the volume

Adrian Pargeter of Kingspan Insulation describes how ‘lower lambda’ insulation can be the architect’s friend, as more efficiency means less volume is needed to achieve regulations compliance. Building Regulations have recently become more demanding when it comes to insulating properties... View Article

Complex stone cladding solutions

Tamsin Pickeral, business development manager, Szerelmey, explains how a combination of technology and tradition is overcoming the challenges of stone cladding for the 21st Century. The relationship between a contemporary visual aesthetic and fulfilling structural and legislative requirements is one that... View Article

Buyer beware

Designing a roof requiring tapered insulation is beset with challenges, with consequences for the contractor and specifier. Andrew Rowley, tapered design manager for Gradient Roofing, explains. Designing tapered insulation for a flat roof used to be relatively simple. The Building... View Article

Perfecting the building envelope

Graham Hurrell, commercial director at AluK, discusses how structural facades can optimise the performance of the building envelope. In order to achieve optimal building envelope performance, the envelope itself should integrate and work with other elements of the complete building. By... View Article

Brick, the hero of our built environment

Just because a material was developed 9,000 years ago does that make it old fashioned? Apparently not, as brick is enjoying something of a renaissance. The Brick Development Association explains further. To those of us who work in the industry... View Article

Cover all bases using engineered fit-for-purpose canopies

Canopies UK Managing Director Jason Eastwood says that specifiers need to beware of seemingly cost-effective off-the shelf options for canopies, and discusses the importance of site-specific calculations for bespoke fit-for-purpose solutions. Research suggests that many leading canopy manufacturers apply surprisingly... View Article

Have an open mind on door design

Homeowners, interior designers and architects all agree that doors are more than just a commodity, they are central to the character of any home. James Dean, head of marketing for Todd Doors, explores further. A front door is the first... View Article

At your leisure – High Wycombe Leisure Centre

Mark Smulian reports on Wycombe’s new hilltop leisure centre As patrons swim, climb, play bowls, or use exercise bikes at the new Wycombe Leisure Centre, they will perhaps give little thought to how a complex masterplan and financing arrangement lie behind the construction... View Article

Condensing boilers are growing in popularity

Customer Services and Marketing Manager for Saniflo UK, Ann Boardman, explains what’s so good about condensing boilers and the problem that they solve Condensing boilers are highly efficient boilers that have much lower fuel and running costs than conventional boilers.... View Article

Innovations in steel window fabrication

Steel windows and doors are a beautiful and coveted aspect of many architectural design projects, creating an industrial and sometimes art deco design to buildings in all sectors of design. IQ Metal UK explore Steel windows and doors’ use in architectural... View Article

The resurgence in timber decking

Over the last 30 years, timber decking has firmly established itself as a quick and aesthetic option for external landscaping. Gripsure take a look at some of the recent developments that have helped this growth, along with some key specification... View Article

Passing over pattressing

Gypsum fibreboard is the way forward – and that’s official, says Gary Carter, general manager of Fermacell UK While conventional drywall systems have significant advantages over solid blockwork in terms of speed and flexibility they are inherently not as strong and require... View Article