Selecting furniture that’s fit for a demanding world

Steve Smith, Sales Office Manager of contract furniture manufacturer Will Beck, looks at the challenges of providing the best possible choices in the ever-changing mental health environment Are more people being diagnosed with mental health disorders today or are the... View Article

A hotel fit for a super-hero

Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyens is a superhero of many an architect so it’s perhaps fitting that one of his buildings is being reinvented in the centre of Manchester under the name of Hotel Gotham. Jess Unwin reports The Art Deco... View Article

A grand vision for the Ashton Gate transformation

When Bristol City FC owner Steve Lansdown visited Barcelona, he had a vision. Lansdown was not taken just by the club’s iconic Nou Camp stadium, but the plethora of sports clubs that made up Barcelona, which he wants to recreate... View Article

Selecting the correct stone

Stone Federation explores a range of points including the latest CE Marking legislation that affords architects with the information they need to ensure that the right material is chosen for the right application The process of selecting the correct stone... View Article

Creative heating solutions

David Simoes, brand manager at Zehnder Commercial, explores the radical changes to the landscape for heating and cooling products over the past decade Over the past decade the landscape for heating and cooling products has radically changed. With continued investment... View Article

Window specification – time to take a new view?

Set against a backdrop of stringent sustainability requirements and costly energy bills, specifiers are increasingly looking at new ways of designing projects that can help save both money and the environment.  Mark Wadsworth, managing director of Senior Architectural Systems explains... View Article

Wall protection is no longer just 50 shades of grey

Sally Moores, marketing manager at Yeoman Shield, explains how the practical necessity of a wall protection system can go hand in hand with the aesthetics of interior design Installing a wall protection system, be it protection panels, corner angles, rails... View Article

Las Iguanas restaurant, Woking

The idea of simply putting down a few packing cases and creating a bar would not last long with the planning authorities in the UK, but at the latest Las Iguanas restaurant opening in Woking that was exactly the feel... View Article

Commercial flooring gets creative

With a wide variety of building materials in a multitude of effects and colours at an architect’s disposal, commercial vinyl flooring has had to evolve into not only a high performance product but also a design-led flooring option worthy of... View Article

6 months to go…

On 1st October this year, the Scottish Government will implement the next step in its move towards near net zero carbon buildings. The biggest changes are for new domestic and non-domestic buildings and these once again make the performance of... View Article

Zinc – extending the boundaries of facade design

Rolled zinc continues to be used more and more as a key feature of the building envelope, with new build and refurbishment projects of enormous diversity providing widespread evidence of its resurgence, writes VM Zinc Traditional facade systems have to... View Article

Debunking the myths of modular construction

Modular buildings are still something of an unknown quantity, both inside and outside the construction industry. Wernick Group Marketing Manager, Leigh Fennell discusses some of the more prevalent misconceptions about modular offsite construction: “Modular buildings are low quality” Many people’s... View Article

Dream places in awkward spaces

Ann Boardman, customer services and marketing manager for Saniflo UK, highlights some interesting facts about how our changing society is increasingly relying on property conversions that include additional bathroom facilities to make life more comfortable and the ingenious solutions available... View Article

Getting the design right

Getting the design right on schemes that mix new-build and restoration of listed buildings is notoriously difficult to achieve. When the London Borough of Newham decided to try and create a campus at the site of the authority’s Edwardian office... View Article

A close-up view on polycarbonate glazing

Vicky Evans, director, Twinfix Limited, discusses the comparison of polycarbonate and glass in overhead glazing. Polycarbonate, a modern day engineering thermoplastic glazing sheet, offers many benefits over glass for use in overhead glazing. Polycarbonate sheet, with its high strength to... View Article

Skylights break new heights

With an increased preoccupation with creating more energy-efficient buildings, skylight manufacturers have seen a heightened demand for intelligent glazing solutions. But how do the flat roof skylights fair in comparison to their window counterparts? Justin Seldis, managing director of skylight... View Article

Daylight – the new building product

Architect Christopher Sykes looks at how the ‘rediscovery’ of daylighting is radically changing architecture and is having an increasing influence on our lives. He also examines the new design and engineering solutions delivered by leading glazing engineers and contractors, such... View Article