Jackoboard® provides the ideal background for wetroom construction

Manufactured with an extruded polystyrene foam core and a special coating on both sides, JACKOBOARD® construction boards form an ideal base for tiling in wetrooms. The surfaces of the JACKOBOARD® system provide an extremely strong bond and can be used on virtually any substrate. The boards are moisture resistant, waterproof, thermally insulating, lightweight and very strong.

JACKOBOARD® high performance construction boards provide the flexibility to meet modern requirements in wetroom design. Recent changes in British Standards for tiling require the wider use of more appropriate materials for construction, and for receiving tiles in water sensitive and wet areas.This has increased the demand for the JACKOBOARD® range in new build applications as well as in renovation works.

JACKOBOARD® products including CANTO angled elements, WABO bath panels and FLEXO boards allow the bathroom designer to create customised dream bathrooms. The JACKOBOARD® range can form the basis for a tiled finish, as well as wallpaper, paint or plaster. So any bathroom can be designed with its own individual style.

Due to their robust core made of extruded polystyrene foam (XPS), the JACKOBOARD® PLANO construction boards and the wider product range are all lightweight and waterproof – a key benefit for bathroom new build and renovation.

JACKOBOARD® also makes installation simple and easy; the construction boards, FLEXO boards, bath panels and angle elements can be trimmed to the desired dimensions easily with standard tools. Another key benefit of the construction boards is that their excellent insulation values make them ideal for thermal insulation.

High performance, high quality drain kits, in both linear and point drain styles, are available alongside many variations of shower tray sizes and shapes to help create the perfect wetroom and bathroom environment.