The Solar House, Leicestershire

The Solar House project has two aims:

Proof of Efficiency

To demonstrate that it is both practical and affordable to build Zero Carbon houses, powered only by the sun’s energy all year round.


To use the data from the first house to model a wide variety of building types so that house builders can have an “out-of-the-box” solution to apply the technology to their own houses.

The project is managed by a consortium led by Caplin Homes, who provide the highly insulated and airtight timber frame structure and the inter-seasonal storage, Newform Energy, who provide the solar collectors, heat pump and control system, John Cotterill Sustainable Architecture, who designed the building and who has worked with Caplin Homes over the past five years and finally, De Montfort University’s Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development, who will be undertaking detailed measurements of the system’s performance over its first full year of operation.

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