North Star School, Denmark

An innovative star-shaped school at Fredrikshavn in Denmark.

The school provides primary, junior and secondary education for approximately 1,200 pupils and was created by combining the facilities of three existing schools into a single new 14,000m2 building.

By using a two-storey five-pointed star design, all the classrooms have access to natural light and ventilation, to create a comfortable working environment that is conducive to education as well as creating a spirit of adventure, which is reflected in the building’s design. Solar shading and natural ventilation are among a range of energy saving and environmentally friendly technologies incorporated within the building’s design, which includes a 750 m2 roof mounted photo-voltaic array. Precision perforated steel panels create giant graphic images depicting key landmarks from across the world as part of a unique cladding and facade solution at the new North Star School.

Project Location