Zinc, getting the specification and installation right

For over 200 years zinc has been used to protect buildings from the elements in not only an aesthetically attractive fashion but also by providing excellent durability and very limited maintenance.

This is true whether thinking about the traditional zinc roof tops of Paris or Niall McLaughlin’s Stirling prize winning Magdalene College library. However for this to be successful zinc must be correctly designed and installed. VMZINC has been involved in training installers for many years and in many countries including in the UK and Ireland. Something that is unique to Paris however is that the skill of the Parisian zinc roofer has been nominated for UNESCO World Heritage status. Nearer to home VMZINC is providing hands on training to roofers wanting to learn more about its installation. By using VMZINC@WORK partner installers a 50 year material warranty is available.

Before the zinc installer starts their work, the zinc roof or wall must be correctly designed. The partnership between architect and VMZINC goes back to the 19th century when the company first started producing technical drawings. Fast forward to 2023 and VMZINC are still supporting architects with design tools such BIM, specifications, Environmental Product Declarations, Brooft4 fire test and lots more.

The combination of correct specification and installation results in attractive zinc roofs and walls that have exceptional durability and almost no maintenance as can been seen on projects around the UK, Ireland and well beyond.

If you would like further information including samples or an online or office based RIBA accredited CPD please do not hesitate to contact us.