Wundatherm tiled And tested to work with all floor finishes

If you’re extending, renovating or building a property, Wundatherm is the new generation of warm water underfloor heating specifically designed for the UK retrofit market to suit any project without the need to dig up floors.

When it comes to underfloor heating, one of the first questions many people ask is what types of flooring they will need to have. This is where the rapid response Wundatherm system, the latest floor heating solution from experts Wunda Group plc comes in, as it designed to work with virtually all floor finishes.

Having recently become members of The Tile Association, a large independent trade association representing the UK tiling industry in all aspects of wall and floor tiling, Wunda Group is helping tradesmen and consumers to know how each floor finish works with underfloor heating.

With the majority of floor coverings proving to be suitable for use with underfloor heating (UFH), some undoubtedly offer a better heat transfer and thermal conductivity than others, with the best floor finishes being hard surfaces like stone or ceramic tiles as they have more heat output and work more efficiently. Tiles are a popular choice in many of the homes looking to install underfloor heating, and are by far the most thermally conductive floor finish as they transfer heat from the warm water system to the surface quickly and with little resistance.

Although tile is the top choice of floor finish, there are many other everyday options that work well with underfloor heating including carpet, engineered wood, laminate and vinyl.

Laminates and engineered wood are popular choices as they have a good structural stability and don’t pose the risk of warping. Laminate flooring is cost-effective and is designed to suit any home, and as it is available in any shade it is a very common floor surface. As laminate is a thin material, its density is higher, meaning the heat up time will be shorter and the system will be more responsive. With wood flooring, engineered timber is the best type to use with underfloor heating systems as it can handle changes in floor temperature.

Solid hardwood and softwood flooring will also transfer heat well but care should be taken when specifying board width and thickness.

Wundatherm underfloor heating can be used with most types of carpet as long as the carpet and underlay combined doesn’t exceed two togs. Felt and polyurethane underlays should be avoided as they affect heat transfer and work as an insulator and blocking the heat, preventing the system from providing sufficient heat output.

Vinyl floor tiles like Karndean and Amtico come in a range of finishes, heat up and cool down quickly, are very durable and are a favourable choice with UFH. However, as a more sensitive floor finish, a sensor should be fitted to limit the heat output to protect the surface from any discolouration. For this reason, vinyl and lino is not recommended in areas like conservatories that have a high heat loss.

Underfloor heating can also work well with concrete floors, as they provide quick heat up times and retain heat well due to their high thermal mass, making them a great option to improve the warmth and comfort of your home.

Once a floor finish is chosen, the next question for many is how quickly the flooring can be laid after underfloor heating is installed. With Wundatherm, once the boards and pipes are down the floor covering can be laid straight away and is ready for immediate use, unlike a screed system which can take several days to dry and be ready to turn on.

Wunda prides itself on first class quality and customer service, providing free technical support six days a week, and provides the specialist service of detailed layout plans for all bespoke systems free of charge to trade customers. With these layout plans to hand, tradesmen can have complete confidence in laying the boards and installing the Wundatherm system.

For further information on the Wundatherm underfloor heating system or a free estimate, call 0800 083 2677, email: plans(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)wundagroup.com or visit the website www.wundatrade.co.uk

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