Things to Consider When Starting a Rooftop Garden

A rooftop garden is not new, as it has been around for years. People without ample space for a regular garden have this as an option. Some of those who have a garden in their backyard still create a rooftop garden, and you too can do the same as there are various benefits to it, including the following:

  • It helps improve the air quality as plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.
  • It also helps minimize heat as plants offer shades.
  • It’s relaxing, which improves your mood. 
  • It beautifies the place.

If you are thinking about starting a rooftop garden, here are things you should consider:

Consider the space

Measure the space you have on your rooftop. It will determine what types of plants to add and how many. You don’t want your garden to be overcrowded as it will look too busy, which will not be relaxing. You can plan better if you have this information from the start. 

Set a budget

The rooftop garden can be as affordable or as expensive as you want. First, determine your budget so you know what to work on. Choosing which plants or items to include will be easier, and you can avoid overspending. 

Check regulations in your building or area

Consult with your landlord, building owner, and local government for any regulations about turning your rooftop into a garden. Some may not allow this, so you can save yourself the hassle from the beginning if you do this. However, if it’s allowed, you may also need to get a permit for the project. Also, consult a professional contractor or architect to ensure that your home’s roof and structure can take the load. 

Hire a skip

Making the rooftop garden could also generate waste that you need to discard. Hiring a skip like those offered at can take care of this concern. Rent a skip the right size for your project, and the skip hire provider will handle the rest. They will sort waste and segregate those that go to the landfill and those for recycling. 

Choose your plants

You have several options for this, which all boils down to your preference. You may want to add flowering plants to add colour to the greens. Choose plants with different heights for variation. Plants that grow tall can also add privacy to the area. Go for those that grow on containers and raised beds since a roof covered in soil can be challenging to maintain. 

Have a storage

A cabinet or a bench that doubles as storage are great options for storing your gardening materials. It will be easier to find them when you need them.

Add furniture and other decors

Add furniture like a table and chair, so you can have a space to rest, relax, and enjoy the view from your rooftop garden. Other garden decors like fountains and statues can make it more appealing.

You can start simple and keep growing your rooftop garden over time. You will reap the benefits stated above in no time with this investment.