The latest in designer bathroom cabinets from KEUCO

Whether refurbishing or creating a new bathroom the SOMARIS mirror cabinet is a sleek and stylish addition. The appearance is minimal and precise, with no decorative handles, additional trims, or finishes. The sides of the cabinet are available in four different finishes, mirrored, white, black and an oak wood style surface. The cabinet can be either wall mounted or recessed depending on the available space.  

The doors are mirrored on both sides and can be configured as either a classic symmetrical cabinet or as an asymmetrical version. As the cabinet is not split down the middle there is a door that can be opened without disturbing the full mirror image on the other side.   

The main body of the cabinet is made from long lasting and sustainable aluminium, which is not affected by the moisture in a bathroom. It has technological advantages too, all the controls easily located underneath the cabinet, and it can be operated whether the doors are open or closed and the icons on the mirrored surface indicate which buttons are situated below. The LED lights at the sides provide perfect illumination for washing, shaving and the application of cosmetics, but can be dimmed if needed. The optional mirror heater ensures a clear reflection after showering, and automatically switches off after 20 minutes.  

The interior of the cabinet is storage heaven, the glass shelves can easily be adapted to accommodate the different heights of a variety of bottles and jars and the electrical socket at the side enables a toothbrush to be re-charged inside the cabinet. Protected by a hinged cover the port can be accessed as needed then hidden safely away when finished. Tel: 01442 200050