The height of luxury with Keller’s Marbling Moods kitchen

Classic styles are still very much on trend, and Keller‘s all-new Marbling Moods (pictured) kitchen is a clear sign that this admiration is unlikely to disappear soon.

This kitchen maintains modern utility, form, and function alongside its retro design. The suspended cabinets are easy to access and emphasise spaciousness and accessibility, while the island, shielded in marble, features a sink for both classical style and pragmatic benefit. The Watford door blends well with the rest of the kitchen, thanks in particular to its handle-less design.

Employing luxurious crystal marble and lavish natural hues, the colours in this sophisticated set take inspiration from polished 20th century style. Elegant walnut tones synchronise with fashionable olive-green matt lacquer for a nostalgically retro aura. Subtle touches of red copper to the surface trim and tap accentuate the classic look, and the black matt anthracite sides are a stark but pleasing contrast to the veined, palatial marble.

As always with Keller, attainability is paramount. For lower cost but identical quality and appearance, the wood veneer front can be exchanged for a melamine door in wood décor.

Keller is well known for offering the widest range of colours (1950 NCS) and finishes in the kitchen furniture market and is proud to have been a carbon neutral kitchen manufacturer since 2017.