TeknosPro for a professional finish on heritage projects

When looking for super high-tech. quality coatings for heritage projects, look no further than TeknosPro. The brand is well known across the professional decorating arena for its durable, long lasting, waterborne coatings.   

As a specialist paint manufacturer with an impressive worldwide pedigree, TeknosPro has a strong commitment to environmental issues and produces coatings with sustainability at their core. The products are engineered to meet the diverse needs of today’s modern world while also offering protection for historic sites.

The coatings are manufactured to enhance and protect, helping to maintain and extend the life of materials, saving wasteful replacement and the consequent use of natural resources. Waterborne paints are ideal for use on heritage sites as they have low-to-no odour, low VOCs, and contain a synthetic resin which is not light sensitive, and so the colours do not fade like their oil based counterparts. These sustainable coatings are fast drying and incredibly durable. Examples include TeknosPro’s WOODEX AQUA range which offers long-lasting stains for wooden exteriors protecting them from extreme weather, while the FUTURA AQUA portfolio of opaque paints can be used on wooden interiors and exteriors as well as radiators and other metal surfaces.

It’s not just the timber that can be protected with TeknosPro. The TIMANTTI range contains specialist paints to prevent problem areas such as mildew and has primers designed to block stains from soot or water damage. SILOKSAN FACADE masonry paint is intended for use on external surfaces, such as concrete, plaster, lime-sand brick and mineral boards. There is a TeknosPro coating for every aspect of a heritage project. 

Additionally, Teknos produces TeknosIndustry coatings which are used on new joinery such as replacing windows and doors on historic sites. Within the various portfolios are stains which penetrate and protect the wood surface, and top coats which have a micro-porous protective film.  They minimise discolouration, maximise durability and protect against problems such as blue stain and mould. They are also highly breathable, allowing joinery to move through the seasons with coatings intact for many years.

Whatever the heritage project, Teknos has a suitable coating. The company’s smart, technically advanced coatings provide long-lasting protection which enables any heritage site to be refreshed, inside and out, while maintaining the building’s history. 

For further information, and to find a full list of stockists, visit www.teknospro.co.uk or call Teknos on 01869 208005.