Sanicondens removes acidic condensate safely

Boiler in a basement?
Air-con in the attic?
Refrigeration system too far from the drain?

Sound familiar? It probably is. Saniflo has, for over 60 years, been supplying pumps, macerators and lifting stations that address the problem of waste discharge in situations where gravity drainage is often not an option or is too expensive.

But, did you know, that Saniflo is one of the leading suppliers of pumps for the safe removal of acidic condensate from oil and gas boilers, air conditioning units, refrigeration systems and dehumidifiers in similar circumstances?

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It’s increasingly common, for example, to use pumps when old style back boilers are replaced as many aren’t sited on a back wall where discharge pipework is normally installed. And, for customers looking to move boilers out of their kitchens – as is common – a pump is a highly cost-effective solution. Whether in a loft, a cellar, airing cupboard or under the stairs, installing a boiler, dehumidifier, air con or refrigeration system is never a problem, even when gravity drainage isn’t in close proximity.

Sanicondens Pro

The Sanicondens Pro is a compact, quiet and highly efficient condensate pump that can pump up (or down) 4.5m, along 50m or a mixture of the two. With its 60W motor, 2-litre tank and 6 metre flexible discharge pipe, the Sanicondens Pro is described as ‘quite the powerhouse’ by one heating and plumbing influencer.

  • Designed to dispose of acidic condensate
  • Compatible with domestic boiler PRV discharge
  • 2 litre tank with two entry points
  • Pumps 4.5m vertically and/or 50m horizontally with a gradient fall
  • Comes with a pre-connected alarm cable

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