Recticel launches on-demand CPD series for next-level learning whenever you’re ready

Learn at your leisure with Recticel Insulation’s on-demand, industry-recognised Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminars. It’s where professional insights on a range of insulation subjects and practices is available at your fingertips whenever it suits you.

CPD is mandatory in architecture. But finding the time to stay up-to-date and competent with current practice can be a challenge. It is vital that we do, though. Education is important to improving performance throughout the supply chain and ultimately, creating buildings that perform as-designed.

It is why Recticel has enabled anytime, anywhere access to its CPD webinars. You could be at your desk, at home, on the train or even in the park, and still have immediate connectivity to expert-led presentations whilst earning valuable CPD points.

As those who sign up to Recticel’s on-demand facility will discover – a lot of CPD learning awaits via its website. Each 30-to-45-minute seminar considers the importance of correct insulation design, specification and installation in overcoming a particular industry issue. Topics covered include U-value calculations and condensation risk; reducing the performance gap through fabric-first design, and single-layer insulation systems’ impact on tapered roofing. A rigid full fill cavity wall insulation toolbox talk is also included in the series. This invigorating session takes a deep dive into brick and block cavity wall construction and offers a range of performance-enhancing solutions for such applications.

Of course, if you’d prefer a more personal experience, a physical or video face-to-face option is also available. Face-to-face seminars can be held somewhere convenient to you or on a video call. The company’s very own Specifications and Housebuilding Manager, Jon Parsons, will host the sessions. Jon knows his subject inside and out. His passion for all things insulation is inspired by his desire to help improve industry standards for a less-impactful built environment.

So, for an introduction to next-level insulation knowhow, sign up for Recticel’s CPD seminar series. The insights are there whenever you’re ready.