Property – what buyers are looking for in 2021

It’s no surprise that our relationship with our homes has changed over the last year. In 2020, many of us were at home more than we have ever been. The property market has changed too. With the stamp duty holiday still in effect, prospective buyers are making moves to upgrade their pre-pandemic homes to a new property that’s more liveable. Here are some of the things buyers are looking for in 2021.

Home office space

Unsurprisingly, a home with an adequate amount of office space is top of the list for most new buyers. Large swathes of the working population have been working at home since March 2020 and will continue to do so.

Setting up a home office can be costly and it’s worth assessing all your financial options when creating one that’s fit for purpose.

Outdoor areas

Along with the home office, outdoor space is an unsurprising feature people are looking for. Buyers seem willing to pay a premium to get it too.

After spending so much time stuck in the house, it’s no wonder. Large, private gardens are in the highest demand, with garden access and terraces trailing them.

Wellbeing at home

Mental health has been negatively affected by lockdowns. Families, couples and single people alike are now more aware than ever of how their homes affect their psychological happiness.

Property buyers are on the lookout for homes that will enhance their wellbeing instead of hampering it. Relaxing spaces for private moments and communal spaces that enhance family connection are essential for a buyer’s wellbeing at home.

Countryside escape

Residents of major cities like London left their urban lives behind in the wake of the first national lockdown. Most people who live in big cities compromise space for the busy, social lifestyles that keep them out of the house.

Being locked down in a poky flat has led to an increase in buyers enquiring about rural areas within commuting distance of big cities.

Creature comforts

Some things will not change at all in 2021. Property buyers will continually look for creature comforts and working necessities. Radiators, water pressure, storage and adequate lighting all rank highly on buyers’ checklists when viewing properties.

More than ever, buyers are also paying attention to aesthetic details. A study that tracked the eye movements of people viewing properties noticed that décor, candles, diffusers and soft furnishings were high on the visibility chart.