Panasonic Combines Heating and Cooling with Air Purification for Maximum Comfort

Panasonic Heating and Cooling has announced an update to its G1 Type Floor Console for VRF air conditioning solutions. The range will now be available with nanoe™ X as standard, the advanced technology that purifies air for a healthier, cleaner environment.

Together with the revolutionary nanoe X technology, the G1 Floor Console design offers major benefits for the end-user in both residential and commercial applications. The nanoe X innovative technology helps to reduce the growth of certain allergens, mould, bacteria and some viruses by up to 99.9%, providing enhanced air purification for an even healthier environment. Helping to deodorise strong and unpleasant odours, as well as helping to retain moisture of the skin, nanoe X is an efficient solution for quality air.

The G1 Type Floor Console features a double air flow direction designed to keep the temperature even throughout a room, creating a comfortable environment whether in heating or cooling mode; for example, in heating mode air is automatically directed downwards, while in cooling mode air is directed upwards thus ensuring an even temperature throughout the room. To extend the comfort qualities even further, the G1 Type Floor Console for VRF systems boasts super quiet operation of just 29dB(A).

For improved maintenance, the unit also features a self-cleaning function, automatically switching on a maximum 90 minutes after operation – preferred timings can be pre-scheduled via the remote controller. During self-cleaning mode air flow is directed upwards to ensure air doesn’t blow directly towards people.

Compact design and multiple installation possibilities
The stylish, compact G1 Floor Console is easy to integrate into any environment. The slim unit has a depth of just 207mm allowing for the unit to be installed in areas of very limited space, such as underneath windows, making it an ideal alternative to traditional radiators. It is designed with carefully selected materials to create an elegant finish that blends seamlessly into its surroundings. The Floor Console offers three different installation options to suit customer requirements:

  1. exposed and mounted on the floor or wall,
  2. half-concealed within a slight alcove or
  3. concealed (set within the wall structure) and flush with the wall.

Panasonic’s G1 Type Floor Console now available with the newly developed nanoe™ X technology is the ideal solution to enjoy and maintain better health and provide maximum comfort.

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