New from RIBA Publishing comes the hugely anticipated rereadings2

A companion book to the successful rereadings, this new volume responds to a surge in demand and interest in imaginative and creative reuse of existing buildings.

From the highly successful writing partnership of academic, author and designer Sally Stone and academic and writer Graeme Brooker, rereadings2 discusses re-modelling, adaptation and conversion processes, and explores how the transformation of existing buildings is a sustainable alternative to the construction of new ones.

The book aims to show an informed awareness of sustainability, adaptation and the detailed design of interior space. It examines the relationship between existing buildings and the design elements that facilitate the needs of the new user. In particular, topics discussed include the impact of the built environment, the influence of installation art upon interior architecture and the importance of environmental awareness.

Sally said of the new volume:

rereadings2 is much more than a simple updating of the original book. It is a substantial piece of research and discovery that debates the ideas and theories underpinning the use and reuse of existing buildings. It is a fundamental discussion about the values that form the basis of the way that we live now and shows how the preoccupations of the twenty-first century population are exposed within the built environment.”

Graeme commented:

“We are thrilled that rereadings was so well received, allowing us to put together this update, by popular demand. Aiming to inspire and interest, rereadings2 builds on its forerunner by applying those ideas introduced by rereadings in 2004 to the development of the design industry over the last 14 years.”

Positioning itself as teacher and thought-provoker on interiors and the principles of remodelling, the many international case studies featured debate the practical issues and challenges that the already-built environment faces presently and going forward.

The book is available to order on the RIBA Bookshops website for £40.00. Order your copy here: