New design: Free hanging Solo in textile

Ecophon’s free-hanging sound absorber, Solo, has a new design with an exclusive textile fabric cover. Ecophon now offers a full range of high quality acoustic solutions; including both textile and standard free hanging units.

By adding texture and colour, Solo Textile adds a design aspect to a great acoustic environment. It creates an atmosphere that engages the ear, eye and mind says Jonathan Cherry, Managing Director at Ecophon.

The free hanging sound absorber is square shaped (1200X1200 mm) and comes in seven complementary colours. The textile is a high-quality polyester with a pattern of fine ribbing which gives the fabric a subtle texture.

Ecophon’s sound absorbers have a small environmental footprint; they are 100% recyclable and are made-up of 62% recycled glass. Ecophon’s products meet the highest standards for circularity, indoor air quality and fire safety.

Solo Textile is a good example of how design and function can harmonise, and create, environments that are both eye-catching and foster well-being. It opens up ways to express different styles, without sacrificing the quality of the product or the environment, says Jonathan Cherry, Managing Director at Ecophon.

Learn more about Solo Textile at, including technical information, installation help and detailed sustainability information.