Multi-dwelling impact sound issues on the increase

This new RIBA Approved Schöck CPD looks at why the prevention of impact sound on staircases in multi-dwelling units is becoming an increasingly important issue and how it can be resolved.

There is a marked increase in the density of residential living and in the interests of noise health protection, existing mandatory soundproofing standards – of which common stairs and impact sound is an important feature – are coming under scrutiny. With conventional solutions, such as an unsecured individual elastomer support under the stairs, any displacement can result in a broken concrete edge due to incorrect support. This in turn means the risk of dirt and gravel getting into the gap between staircase and floor slab, which can easily reduce acoustic insulation performance by around 10 dB. This session provides a guide for all Specifiers as to how the the acoustic performance caused by impact sound from stairs can be improved by using a fully integrated solution. It also looks at what current regulatory guidance exists and how it might change in the future.

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