Marley re-introduce new & improved Lincoln clay pantiles

The NEW Lincoln Clay Interlocking Pantile with an S-curve profile and thin leading edge has been remastered to once again provide specifiers, installers and homeowners, a pantile that combines a traditional aesthetic, with enhanced design for uncomplicated specification and installation benefits.

Combining the traditional look and feel of a clay pantile with longevity of performance, makes the new Lincoln an ideal roof tile solution for both new builds, existing refurbishments and extensions.

Enhanced colours and texture

Available in single coloured Red Smooth, and Rustic Red, which incorporates a flash of dusting to create a weathered appearance and enhanced kerb-side appeal.

Now also with a more natural clay texture to the pantile, Lincoln offers a marked heritage aesthetic, which will ensure greater design choice for specifiers, and delight homeowners.

Now Made in Britain

Production for the new Lincoln has moved to Keele in Staffordshire, making Marley one of the only providers of a British-made clay pantile.

The decision to transition production to the UK will deliver environmental benefits for Architects and Housebuilders looking to reduce the C02 emissions of their projects, through a reduction in shipping and transport requirements. It will also provide additional versatility and assurance of product supply for the UK roofing sector.

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