Manthorpe Building Products; REDSHIELD® Cavity Barrier

REDSHIELD is a true one-product cavity barrier alongside thermal cavity closer, which fulfils the fire integrity and insulation requirements of Part B without relying on additional lining materials.

For many years cavity closers have provided a reliable solution to the problems of thermal bridging at window and door openings as well as preventing the ingress of water by acting as a vertical damp proof course.

While a traditional cavity closer will act as a thermal break at the reveal opening, they are not enough to act as a cavity barrier. This typically applies to fire rated cavity closers also, as this type of closer usually needs to be entirely concealed within a masonry to masonry, fully dry-lined detail before the detail can achieve the tested integrity.
Building products manufacturer Manthorpe has recognised the industry want for a true one-product cavity barrier which provides the necessary thermal and DPC properties without depending on additional lining materials.

REDSHIELD’S unique construction allows the product to be adaptable to suit various cavity sizes, helping to maintain a continuous seal to a range of cavity widths, especially those that may ‘stray’ in size due to the product’s ability to shrink and grow to fill a varying cavity gap.

Tested by Warringtonfire to BSEN1366-4:2006+A1:2010, independently of other additional barrier details, REDSHIELD cavity barriers exceed the mandatory 30 minutes’ fire integrity and 15 minutes’ insulation requirement.

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