Keller launches Cottage Life kitchen for a natural aesthetic

Natural materials are trending and rapidly growing in popularity, especially in styles that are charming and simplistic without feeling dated or old-fashioned. With this in mind, Keller is thrilled to announce the development of Cottage Life, the premier country style kitchen.

Authenticity and naturalism form the basis of this all-new design. The built-in kitchen cabinets blend seamlessly with the surroundings in a minimalist design that nevertheless employs a substantial amount of storage space, ensuring that modern function and application is maintained. The 708 handles meld perfectly with the rest of the range, lining up perfectly to create an orderly, symmetrical pattern that adds to the range’s tidy appearance. The island grants additional space and utility, particularly in the form of a hob that fits perfectly into the aesthetic despite the country theme. The deepened sink cabinets provide a comprehensive range of storage room, efficiently maximising use of the available area, and a small shelf on the back wall presents extra space simultaneously with a light, modest design.

Utilising stoic stain dark grey oak and trendy Bronx linen, the colours and materials in this uncomplicated design prioritise clean, pristine living, unblemished by the rigours of modern life. The interior is cloaked in colour ‘mist’, a series of white, grey, and black shades that create a remarkably striking veneer. The worktop and back wall are comprised of composite materials, giving the appearance of elegant marble and bold stone respectively. Bronx linen is a soft-touch contrast to the surrounding composite shell and solid oak cabinets, further emphasising the natural element.

Keller is committed to attainability and accessibility in their products. For a lower price tag but identical high standard, try a wood look front in melamine instead of solid wood.

Keller is well known for offering the widest range of colours (1950 NCS) and finishes in the kitchen furniture market and is proud to have been a carbon neutral kitchen manufacturer since 2017 and has taken the next step to becoming carbon negative.

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