Delivering Passive Fire Safety at Warsaw Spire

Protecting a wide range of environments, including public spaces, industry, offices, theatres, education centres and hotels, Alufire’s fire resistant glazing provides our clients with maximum safety and compliance – while delivering a stunning solution. Installed and supplied by our UK partner, Checkmate Fire, we work together to deliver the best-in-class, fully accredited installs, ensuring the ongoing compliance of your buildings.

Managing the project from conception to completion, our delivery teams collaborate closely with architects to determine product specification, efficient manufacturing, and a timely final product installation and certification.

Alufire’s fire resistant glazing products are used extensively throughout the UK and Europe. With office owners investing further in passive fire solutions, we are proud to showcase our recent project at Warsaw Spire.

Luxoft Offices, Warsaw Spire – case study

  • Client: Luxoft
  • Products utilised – Vision Line
  • Fire resistance – EI30
  • Total weight of the construction/glass – 3694kg
  • Area: 82m² (882.64 ft²)

Project Analysis

Warsaw Spire is considered to be one of the most reputable Polish office building projects. The building consists of 49 floors, spreading across 129,336 m². The 220-metre main tower features a hyperboloid glass facade and has two auxiliary buildings – Warsaw Spires B and C.

Warsaw Spire is the second tallest building in both Warsaw, and Poland as a whole. It has been constructed by the Belgian company, Ghelamco, and is arguably regarded as the most prestigious office building in Poland.

Aiming to inspire in both aesthetics and security, these offices empower employees from all around the world to innovate by providing as much natural light as possible, along with ensuring optimum fire safety.

The Result

With the global consulting power that is involved in end-to-end digital solutions, Luxoft exclusively features Alufire products in its head offices in Warsaw Spire, providing comprehensive and proven fire-protection solutions.

For this project, the corridors are filled with Alufire Vision Line Partitions; this ensures a noise-free workplace and gives a modern, transparent look to the office space. Specifically, the Vision Line partitions do allow the light to get to difficult to reach places in the office, providing as much natural light as possible.

The Product

Alufire Vision Line gives architects the option to specify clear, sound-insulating, fire-resistant glazed partitions with fire resistance of up to 60 minutes. The system features sound reduction of up to 47 dB and is certified as EI, providing integrity and insulation. Vision Line can also certify as REI, subject to certain criteria being achieved.

The system offers unlimited possibilities to designers who wish to create sophisticated interiors with extended transparent sight lines, which are both visually stunning and offer a high degree of safety. With Alufire Vision Line, the black opaque silicone often used in frameless systems has been replaced with an almost transparent 4-6mm silicone layer that can be painted in three different colours.

Additionally, the glass-to glass connection options give the architect or interior designer the tools to create the most amazing interior spaces without having to compromise on fire resistance.

If this sounds like something you need in your offices (or any buildings, actually), get in touch with our UK partner, Checkmate Fire, on info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign), or 03301247647.