Create a beautiful warm ambience with the addition of a Vision Trimline Fire

Vision Trimline range is designed with the specific purpose of recreating the desire to use a fireplace as the central focal point of our living space. The innovative fires are skilfully engineered to allow a trimless aspect, meaning no distracting frames or visible mechanical workings, just beautiful flames. Meticulous attention has been paid to the realism of the fuel bed and flame patterns to ensure a perfect recreation of a natural, living fire.

One of the most innovative aspects of all Vision Trimline fires is that there is no need for an existing chimney to be present, which makes them both highly efficient and a safe appliance. This is all down to the clever features of our balanced flue system. All Vision Trimline fires use a specialised double wall concentric flue system.

If you are looking to add a real design feature to your home, the stylish Trimline 55XH Tunnel is the perfect choice. This vertical appliance at 1.1 meters high will certainly create a statement piece in any home. The Tunnel is the perfect way to connect spaces, allowing you to see into adjoining rooms. The standard version has a burner bed made of high-definition logs and is equipped with a double burner. There is also an option to include a built-in LED bed to add even more ambience.

Suggested Selling Price Inc. VAT:
Standard Glass: £6,399
ARG Glass: £6,999