CPD now available from Dual Innovation Award winner AeroBarrierUK

AeroBarrierUK, a leader in air tightness solutions, is now offering CPDs and seminars to guide architects and specifiers on achieving best-in-class airtightness for projects, both guaranteed and at scale. The seminar will cover current and upcoming Building Regulations, the challenges faced by Architects and Specifiers with traditional systems, and what The Future of Airtightness looks like for the UK construction industry.

This follows on from AeroBarrierUK receiving two prestigious awards for their contribution to the industry: “Most Innovative SME” at the Building Innovation Awards 2023 and “Best Innovation in Insulation” at the BuildIt Awards 2023. These accolades underscore AeroBarrierUK’s pioneering role in air tightness technology.

CPD: The Future of Airtightness

Following your CPD booking, you can expect the seminar to focus on the scientific and measured approach to airtightness, a key compliance issue and one of the largest areas of wasted energy in buildings. This content can include bespoke or specific projects relatable to your business, with next-step solutions and consultancy offered alongside.

What is AeroBarrier?

At the core of this recognition is AeroBarrier, an innovative system guaranteeing a specific air tightness level. Using patented technology, AeroBarrier employs a modified blower door test, pressurizing a building and applying a non-toxic mist coat for seamless leak sealing. Real-time measurement ensures reliable results for domestic and commercial projects – see the process in action here.

AeroBarrier addresses gaps from a hair’s width up to 12mm, achieving air tightness ratings from the UK standard of 5m3/hm2 to impressive Passivhaus levels of 0.11m3/hm3. Remarkably, AeroBarrier is at least three times faster than traditional methods, enhancing overall quality assurance by mitigating concerns about human error during the build process.

Why is Airtightness important?

The speed, measurability and repeatable results provide both those designing and delivering projects with a solution for compliance and achieving Net Zero targets. In addition, residents, builders, and landlords benefit from reduced energy bills and improved living conditions due to AeroBarrier’s superior air tightness. AeroBarrier’s water-soluble, safe sealant has ultra-low VOC and GreenGuard Gold certification. Its inactive nature eliminates the need for chemical reactions and ensures designed indoor air quality.

Established internationally, the AeroBarrier system has been deployed on projects from self-builds to government contracts. AeroBarrierUK’s dedication contributes significantly to the UK’s sustainability and energy efficiency objectives.

For information regarding CPDs and webinar options:

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  • 01432 513 499