Commercial design: Function meets form in every print

Jupiter Blue, leading innovators in bespoke commercial riser doors and access panels, have unveiled a game-changing service for Architects and Interior Designers. They are reimagining the large, nondescript riser doors that, until now, have been seen as more of a design problem than a canvas for creativity. With their new custom-printing offering, Jupiter Blue allows designers to transform these critical elements into striking brand statements that seamlessly blend with the surrounding aesthetic.

Traditionally, riser doors in commercial spaces don’t capture the imagination of architects and interior designers. Being an essential component of safety in multi-level buildings, they often are subject to the limitations of the materials and finishes used for their function-first approach. Jupiter Blue’s initiative, however, presents a unique opportunity. Gone are the days of these large metal ‘blanks’ restricting your creativity – welcome the era where every riser door becomes an expressive panel of the space’s narrative.

Imagine a stadium where even the riser doors pulse with the energy of sports, or a corporate reception area where the doors themselves are a canvas, speaking to the ethos of the company. With Jupiter Blue’s custom printing, motifs, murals, and branding can now be extended to every functional space, creating an immersive and cohesive visual identity throughout the building.

The innovation is tailored to meet the needs of designers in prestigious locations such as high-end retailers, luxury hotels, corporate spaces, and airport lounges, offering them the chance to maintain the practicality and safety of the space, while elevating its aesthetics in line with the grandeur of the venue.

The technical capabilities are as vast as the design opportunities. Jupiter Blue’s advanced printing techniques allow for intricate designs, high-resolution logos, and even photographic-quality artwork directly onto the doors – turning them into pieces of art that tell a part of the building’s story.

Steven Wilkinson, Head of Design at Jupiter Blue, emphasises the groundbreaking nature of the service.

“We understand the frustration architects and designers face when such important elements like riser doors seem to fight against, rather than with, the design intent. We’ve made it our mission to change that. Our custom-printing doesn’t just offer a way to meet safety standards; it enables designers to celebrate their vision in every corner of the project – even the ‘hidden’ ones.”

Named “Just Add Print”, this innovative printing service is set to redefine the way commercial interiors are approached, merging functionality with personalised branding, and providing a clean and versatile solution that aligns with the principles of modern design. Jupiter Blue invites the design community to explore the endless array of possibilities that await their next project.

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