Caring for the planet with Keller Kitchens

Sustainability and the protection of our planet’s resources continue to grab headlines; and a key area is building and architecture where the environmental movement has become intrinsically entwined with business health.

Keller Kitchens has consistently been at the forefront of environmentally-friendly developments in the kitchen industry and has a completely carbon neutral production process since April 2017. This is realised, for example, by generating electricity with solar panels and converting waste into heat. Keller compensates the emission that remains by having trees planted and contributing to wind energy projects.

This achievement clearly established Keller as a pioneering manufacturer in the move towards sustainability solutions.

Keller Kitchens takes a circular approach to sustainability and implements environmentally-aware methods into each stage of its manufacturing processes. This starts from the root beginnings with the sourcing of raw materials. Keller is dedicated to selecting materials that are both ethically and environmentally responsible; for example, by using wood that comes from sustainably-governed forests. This careful consideration is mirrored in the product selection for the kitchens. Keller offers the possibility to choose material with FSC® quality mark, Greenpanel® worktops and water based paints alongside recyclable packaging.

Keller’s transportation methods have also been selected to reflect their dedication to environmentally-friendly manufacturing methods. Kitchen materials are transported according to the objectives of Green Freight Europe – the leading industry programme to support companies in improving the environmental performances of freight transport in Europe. The end stage of this circular process comprises of the facilitation of dismantling and recycling kitchens at the end of their usage point.

These achievements are not just testament to Keller’s distinctive ethos but also demonstrate the ability to balance high-quality, aesthetic kitchen design with consumer desires for ethical business. Consumer choice is not based on design and functionality alone. By implementing a clear environmental strategy and investing in projects such as the Smart Forest Bolivia project to support local farmers, Keller retains a separate kind of appeal; the appeal of taking corporate social responsibility seriously. It is this kind of dedication to the company responsibilities that will be important in allowing Keller to continue to flourish and progress and prove deserving of customer trust and respect.

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