Bradford City Centre regeneration scheme by Architects Greig & Stephenson given the go-ahead

Plans for a £21m major regeneration scheme in Bradford city centre by architects Greig & Stephenson have been approved by Bradford Council.

The 5,670 sq metre scheme involves the demolition of buildings including the former Marks & Spencer and Woolworths in Darley Street, part of the historic town centre, which will be replaced by a new multi-level food focussed market building and linked to a “city square”.

The proposed market building includes a floor with a variety of street food vendors and additional areas for musical events and bars to cater for the late-night economy. The project will also have two ground floors as it is on a sloping site together with an adjacent public square.

The market hall will have natural ventilation, with photovoltaic panels and grey water storage for toilet flushing and other uses. The intention is to lower the potential costs passed on to traders, enabling the building to be more environmentally, economically and socially sustainable

The scheme is a major regeneration programme for Bradford city centre involving the reconfiguration of its city centre markets and on its completion the Oastler Market will be demolished to make way for a new housing/mixed use development.

Adam Parker, director of Greig & Stephenson Architects, says:

“The Bradford Market and public realm project is intended as a key catalyst in the regeneration of this part of the city centre.

“The proposals provide for a facility relevant to Bradford, strengthening its offer while providing opportunity for community activities in the market, and connected public realm.

“The design of the new market and square reconciles the topography of the area through the use of two ground floors, creating a dedicated service yard beneath the public realm, and a world food offer at first floor overlooking the new events space.

“The proposals seek to enhance the appreciation of the conservation area in which the proposals sit by offering new views of the numerous heritage buildings on Piccadilly, the road parallel to Darley Street, which was traditionally the main shopping street in Bradford.

Colin Wolstenholme, markets manager at the Council said “This is an exciting development for Bradford City Centre as we will create a modern markets offer focusing on fresh foods with the first-floor area for street food vendors, music and possibly drinks. We want to promote a market that is open until the early evening, with customers able to access the first floor externally when the other stalls are closed.”

He said the market’s public square will host specialist market events and other community/commercial events.

Mr Wolstenholme said: “We are putting the market back to where it was 150 years ago. We are creating a market that the people of Bradford are proud of this will be supported by existing customers as well as new customers.”

Steve Hartley, Bradford Council’s Strategic Director of Place, said: “This is an important step for both the plans to reinvent the market offering in Bradford and the ambitious plans to reclaim Bradford’s city centre.

“We believe we already have a great retail and shopping offer around the bottom of the town, including the Broadway Centre. The work we’re putting into the city centre at the top of town will ensure that the entire city centre provides a diverse and attractive environment for both residents and visitors to enjoy.

“Receiving approval on the planning application is fantastic news to share and we’re truly excited about the designs for the future of Bradford’s markets.”