Boutique workplace specialist rebrands to reflect sector’s dynamic transformation

An award-winning office design and build specialist has changed its name as part of its response to the radical shift in workplace philosophy since the end of the pandemic.

The Workplace Partner, which was launched by Tom Lancer and Westley Harnett in 2020 and now has a team of 14 working out of its Bloomsbury studio, has now relaunched as Cleo.

The company, which has delivered projects for a range of leading brands including Deliveroo and publishing giant House of Hearst, chose to rebrand after deciding that The Workplace Partner was no longer a true reflection of the work it was doing for its clients or the culture it was building for its own people.

Tom said:

“There has been a psychological shift since 2020. A company needs to earn the commute. For your office to have value it needs to be crafted with your people in mind and wellness, community and culture have to take priority over tightening your margins.”

“The traditional workspace has been completely reimagined, it’s no longer simply a place to go and do the tasks that could well be done from home, it needs to function as facilitator of community and collaboration and provide value for its workforce outside of a desk and a screen.”

“The Workplace Partner was all about offering a guiding hand to business owners navigating a turbulent market – in 2024 Cleo exists to help them continue evolve to meet the evolving needs and aspirations of their workforce.”

Cleo worked with award-winning brand specialists Motive as part of their transformation journey and Westley believes the new brand is a more genuine representation of the company and people who work there.

He said:

“Fundamentally the new brand is about who we really are,” he said. “Within our own business we have strived to create an environment that fosters happiness, creativity, and wellness and this has enabled us to not only recruit and retain some truly outstanding people, but it also allows us to approach our work with complete authenticity.”

“Cleo means to celebrate, and that’s exactly what we want to do. Celebrate our team, celebrate our projects, celebrate our clients, and celebrate the collaboration of people, places and spaces.”

“This is an amazing moment to be working in a sector that is experiencing an almost unique transformation, where the boundaries between the traditional office and sectors such as residential and hospitality are becoming increasingly blurred, and the focus is all about the end user.”

“We are currently working on an amazing 20,000sqft project in Victoria which has all the flexibility and functionality you would expect from a standard office, integrated around a team clubhouse, a gigantic fish tank, a golf simulator, photo booth and a powder room. The office is very much alive and well – if you’re willing to evolve along with it.”