Bathroom furniture ideas for small bathrooms

Bathroom furniture refers to items like vanities, hampers and storage containers that make the average bathroom more usable. They’re hidden behind the toilet and stand in the corner of the shower. Or it is the vanity next to or around the sink you don’t notice, though it holds your toiletries and stores the towels. The challenge for many is making all of this supporting furniture fit in a small bathroom. Here are a few bathroom furniture ideas for smaller bathrooms so you don’t have to trade comfort and convenience for space.

Hanging Caddies

Your walk in shower may only have room for you in a smaller bathroom. This means you don’t have floor space for standing shelves. However, you might be able to make use of hanging caddies. These caddies would hang off the shower door or walls of a glass shower. A side benefit of these units is that you can put items like soap and razors at eye level, so you don’t have to bend down to grab them.

Compact Cabinets

Not everyone has the space for wide shelves for bath towels and hand towels. However, you might be able to manage with free sanding floor cabinets. These narrow cabinets can hold folded up towels and bath towels, soap and beauty products. Because they’re freestanding, you can bring them into an existing small bathroom and put them wherever there is room for them. And if it doesn’t work out, it can go elsewhere in the house.

Another common tactic is replacing your mirror with a bathroom vanity organiser with a mirror in front of it. Then you still have your mirror, but the several inches behind it can store bath tissue, hand sanitiser and toothpaste. Another place to put this type of bathroom furniture is over the toilet.

Storage Baskets

It is surprising how many nooks and crannies we can turn into storage space if we take advantage of it. Instead of trying to remodel your bathroom, consider getting storage baskets. The simplest versions are baskets you can use to hold magazines or extra rolls of toilet paper as they sit on the floor. The best models have flat sides so that they take up as little floor space as possible. Stacked baskets may let you store various items in a compact space. Remember that you can put storage baskets under the sink or behind the toilet to hold items, including stuff you do not want touching the floor. You can use tall round baskets as tooth brush holders. The main advantages of this approach include low cost and light weight. And if something gets mouldy or too dirty, you can throw it out. Better yet, unlike plastic containers, they can’t break if you drop them or accidentally kick them.

Note that you can create a dirty laundry hamper by putting a storage basket or wicker hamper under the sink or your towel rack. A point in favour of the wicker is that air can reach the clothing and water can drain away, so it is less prone to mould and mildew.