New Blue Roof CPD from Optigreen

Green roofs are already known for their ability to attenuate water, but this can now be enhanced with blue roof technology. Here the roof not only stores water but is also able to delay water discharge after a high intensity... View Article

New airtightness seminars for architects and specifiers

New free seminars on airtightness in construction sealing joints and improvement options for architects and other design and construction specifiers will be available from sealant tape specialist ISO-Chemie throughout 2020. The initiative advances architectural knowledge and understanding of airtightness and related issues, enabling specifiers to improve the design and construction of... View Article

UK manufacturer secures RIBA approval for ventilation CPD

EnviroVent, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of high performance and energy efficient ventilation systems and extractor fans, has obtained approval from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) for its CPD (Continuous Professional Development) course which covers the various... View Article

Designing for flood resilience, resistance and recoverability

Our CIWEM and RIBA-approved Double Point CPD Flood Resilience seminar aims to explore Flood Resilience, Resistance and Recoverability and the use of technologies which have been used historically in below ground structural waterproofing in a variety of different situations from... View Article

Specifying hardwood timber external doorsets

Our RIBA CPD seminar entitled Specifying Hardwood Timber External Doorsets has recently been updated and is available to architects and construction professionals. Learning Aims include information on fitting into Architectural Glass, challenges with maintenance, accessibility, door security, design features, and... View Article

New Mastic Asphalt RIBA Approved CPD Presentation

The Mastic Asphalt Council (MAC) has launched its first ever RIBA-approved CPD presentation entitled ‘Black to the Future’. The presentation covers: What mastic asphalt is, its history and its relevance in today’s market Performance benefits of mastic asphalt in terms... View Article

Waterproofing Below Ground Structures to BS 8102:2009

Our RIBA-approved Double Point CPD Waterproofing Below Ground Structures to BS 8102:2009 seminar considers the various challenges faced in structural waterproofing and how to overcome them with the guidance of current Standard, BS8102:2009 (Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground... View Article

Free CPD events – all across the UK

The DCE Meet the EXPERTS Roadshow has been announced for 2020 with 80 different events all offering FREE TO ATTEND opportunities for TECHNICAL UPDATING. DCE has been staging events for construction professionals since 1987 and providing CPD since 1993, when... View Article

Kingspan CPD offers Education in BB101

Kingspan Insulation has released a new, RIBA accredited CPD providing advice on how designers can use insulation specification to meet the thermal comfort requirements within Building Bulletin 101 (BB101) – Guidelines on ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality in... View Article

Marley Alutec CPD offering

Marley Alutec, the UK leader in innovative aluminium rainwater and eaves solutions offers RIBA accredited CPDs for all architectural professionals! Their CPD provides: Experienced and knowledgeable presenters Double CPD points to RIBA Architects Interactive training with the opportunity to ask... View Article

Mapei: Subfloor Preparation, RIBA CPD

Mapei invites you to their RIBA accredited CPD seminar for subfloor preparation, on November 20th at Mapei World London City, Clerkenwell. The seminar will cover a range of things to consider prior to the installation of floor coverings, from testing... View Article

“Durable Eaves Solutions” – RIBA accredited CPD Seminar

Produced by Marley Alutec, the market leading aluminium rainwater and eaves solutions company, this CPD features: Experienced and knowledgeable presenters Opportunity to hold the event at your offices Double CPD points to RIBA Architects Complimentary buffet lunch This interactive seminar... View Article

Reynaers launches brand new RIBA-accredited CPD for architects

Reynaers, the leading supplier of aluminium windows and doors, is delighted to offer a brand-new RIBA-accredited CPD course aimed at architects and other construction industry professionals. The course, entitled: “Accessible Solutions for Aluminium Windows and Doors,” is suitable for those... View Article

VitrA Tiles introduces new and revamped CPD presentations

VitrA Tiles is launching a new RIBA-approved CPD presentation on Swimming Pools with a Tile Finish. At the same time the company is introducing revamped versions of its existing CPDs on Specifying Tiles in the Hospitality Sector and Understanding Designing... View Article

BAL launches new architectural tiling surgeries

Due to the success of its CPD programme, BAL are launching  nationwide tiling surgeries at architectural practices across the country. These sessions offer architects, specifiers and design teams in-house technical support with tile and stone advice or a simple Q... View Article

New CPD: 10 minutes of resin bound

SureSet UK Ltd offer two types of accredited CPD’s, in person at a location of your choice or from the comfort of your own desk via a fully detailed, 10 minute video. The CPD, accredited by CPDUK will explain the... View Article

Hand Hygiene compliance – can Engineering help?

A new CPD from Horne Engineering Ltd. Considering the march of antibiotic resistance, rightly described as a global threat that equals climate change in terms of its seriousness, the need to break the chain of infection through effective hand decontamination... View Article

RIBA accredited CPD from ABET

ABET is delighted to confirm they now have an updated RIBA accredited CPD for immediate presentation. Details are available via CPD’s can be booked via the above link or direct with them at cpd(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) View Article