Virginia Water Pavilion Visitor Centre, Berkshire

This new building overlooks Virginia Water, an extensive man-made lake set in a picturesque eighteenth century landscape, sitting within the Grade 1 listed Royal Landscape at the southwest corner of Windsor Great Park.The concept for the new visitor centre is born out of the immediate landscape. Located at the public entrance, the building will welcome visitors to Virginia Water. Its canopied form frames the view of the lake and gives a sense of arrival and anticipation. The echelon form of the building and its terraces overlook the lake and provide a kiosk selling refreshments, toilets and staff facilities.Existing trees are complemented by additional planting to create a ‘wooded glade’ that acts as a backdrop to the building.The new pavilion constructed from sustainable timber from the Windsor Estates commercial forest, is designed to sit lightly on the landscape.

We believe that this project will welcome, engage and draw people to Virginia Water, enhancing a unique place that people can enjoy visiting time and again.

Project Location