Veranda Car Park, Rotterdam

To solve the parking problems in the Veranda strip close to the Feyenoord stadium in Rotterdam, Paul de Ruiter was commissioned, by the City of Rotterdam Development Corporation (OBR) and Rotterdam City Supervision (STZ), to design a multi-storey car park with a high-quality architectonic character that would fit in with the urban planning vision. The car park was to accommodate 650 cars, as well as providing space for shops and places to eat and drink in the section of the building at street level. As the dimensions of the building plot and the height of the building were specified stringently in the zoning plan, the design team that was especially put together by Paul de Ruiter for this project, decided to locate a large proportion of the parking spaces underground. The Veranda car park is now organized around a void of nine levels: four parking levels underground and four parking levels above ground. The ground floor accommodates shops and places to eat and drink.

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