Regional Terminal at Christchurch Airport

The Christchurch Airport Regional Terminal building is the result of collaboration between Jasmax and Australian based architects BVN Donovan Hill. The client for the design was Air New Zealand, the major user of the terminal although the terminal actually merges with the main terminal building which is a multi-user facility.

The functional brief was to provide a hub for regional air travel throughout the South Island, whilst the aspirational brief was to design a space that creates a memorable New Zealand space, as this terminal is the staging point for many international visitors to the major destinations of the South Island.

The narrative chosen to reflect the local environment draws on abstract natural forms

related to the South Island. Hence the folded form of the ceiling finds its origins in the Southern Alps which are the backdrop for the airport; the large timber truss represents the old timber trussed bridges found throughout the South Island; and the organic forms of the cafe and the bespoke seating are found along the coastline as the forest meets the ocean with kelp swaying at the ocean edge.

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